Identity Imprint: Made-to-Measure Knee Implants

With traditional knee replacement, surgeons measure your knee during the actual procedure to select your implant size, which can lead to sizing errors and malalignment.

Our Imprint made-to-measure system includes 12 sizes based on the size and shape of our 85,000 proprietary fully personalized designs.

Advanced software analyzes your CT scan and selects the best Imprint size of the 12 available that will best hug the natural shape of your bones, ensuring excellent alignment and bone coverage.

Our made-to-measure Imprint option is widely covered by Medicare and most forms of private health insurance.

Learn More About Our Two Personalized Knee Options:

Conformis offers the two most genuinely personalized knee replacement options in the market – Made-to-Measure and Fully Personalized, both of which are designed to restore your mobility through great fit, alignment, and bone coverage.

Imprint Design Rationale:

Watch the following video to learn how Conformis used its proprietary database of nearly 100,000 fully personalized knee implant designs to create Imprint, a new category of Made-to-Measure implants that uses advanced data to provide a personalized procedure for you.

Downloadable Resources:

Conformis Personalized Knee Options

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