Customized Knee Implants

Conformis does something that we believe no other orthopedic company does - we design and manufacture customized hip and knee replacements specifically for each patient.

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Customized Knee Replacements
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Customized for your unique anatomy

Conformis knee replacements are designed to match every aspect of your natural knee. The goal of any knee replacement is to be pain-free, restore natural motion, and for patients to return to their everyday activities. Our customized (patient-specific) knee replacements are designed specifically for your unique anatomy, enabling your surgeon to deliver better outcomes in knee replacement surgery and higher patient satisfaction1, 2

Customized Knee Replacements
Real Experiences

Real Experiences

The Conformis experience is best described in our patients’ own words. 

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Patient Advocates

Patient Advocates

Conformis Patient Advocates are real patients who are living with a Conformis knee replacement (some more than one!). You may have questions that can best be answered by someone who has had a similar knee replacement experience.

Stephanie Donovan
Arlington, MA

Before surgery Stephanie was unable to hike in the woods with her dog. Now they hike for hours - so long that her husband jokes he is the only person unhappy with her knee, because he doesn't see her as much!

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Tedd Boomershine
Dayton, OH

Tedd, a physical fitness enthusiast and dog lover, had both his knees replaced October 2014. He now works out regularly and walks his dog Stella 3 miles to and from the gym.

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Betty Small
Derry, NH

Betty received an off-the-shelf implant in her right knee. When it was time to get her left knee done, she chose Conformis - hear her explain the difference between her two knees.

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1. Katthagen, et al; Comparison of Hospital Metrics and Patient Reported Outcomes for Patients with Customized, Individually Made Vs. Conventional TKA. Presented at the 2015 World Arthroplasty Congress
2. Tait, et al; Outcomes after Customized, Individually Made Total Knee Arthroplasty. Presented at the 2016 ICJR Pan Pacific Orthopaedic Congress

Real Patient Reviews

Rather than trying to make sense of review sites, you can connect with real Conformis patients and have an honest conversation.

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Our knee replacements are designed to accommodate all stages of osteoarthritis of the knee


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