Cordera Match Hip System

Cordera Match Hip System combines the proven Cordera hip stem with Conformis’ state-of-the-art, personalized pre-operative plans and patient-specific instruments.

Cordera Match Hip System

Cordera Match represents one of multiple planned product extensions featuring the proven Cordera Hip System.


The Cordera Match Hip System is an uncemented, primary total hip replacement system composed of femoral (thigh) and acetabular (socket of the hip bone) components.  It is implanted utilizing a surgeon-approved, personalized surgical plan (iView®) and patient-specific instrumentation (PSI or, specifically, iJigs®).  A Cordera Match hip replacement procedure can be performed with just one reusable instrument tray.  All implants and patient-specific instruments are delivered sterile to hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs).


Conformis engineers design the Cordera Match iView® surgical plan and iJigs® based on each patient’s unique anatomy.  Surgeons have the option to then adjust the surgical plan before approving the order.


The iView® also provides a Digitally Reconstructed Radiograph (DRR).  The DRR is a simulated full pelvis image created from the CT scan.  The image is aligned parallel to the anterior superior iliac spine (ASIS), reducing the possibility of a tilted pelvis and thus providing more precise measurements.  Leg length measurements are then taken referencing the patient’s anatomical landmarks to provide the surgeon with data needed to help make intraoperative decisions.”

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