Thank you for enrolling in the Image-to-Implant® Platinum Services program!

With this deluxe service, Conformis will be designing a knee replacement implant for you that is individually produced to your unique anatomy.

The following comparison between traditional knee replacements and Conformis’ customized knee replacements demonstrates why Conformis believes in personalized joint replacements

Personalized Implant

As you have chosen to personalize your joint replacement implant, the next step for you will be to schedule a CT scan.

The data from the CT scan will be used to design and manufacture implants and instruments entirely unique in size and shape to your anatomy – they will fit you, and only you!\

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Your deluxe upgrade to a personalized implant includes a 5-year warranty.

In the unlikely event that your surgeon recommends a revision surgery within 5 years of your original knee replacement procedure, Conformis will reimburse you the out-of-pocket personalization fee, up to $3,000.

For your convenience, we work with Docusign to allow you to fill in, sign and download your warranty forms electronically.

The two links here provide you with access to the general warranty terms and conditions, as well as a form for you to acknowledge that you have received the warranty documents:

Warranty Terms Power Form

Warranty acknowledgement form

In the rare and unlikely event that you should require a revision surgery, then this third link will provide you with the warranty claim form.

Warranty claim form

Information about your Knee Replacement Procedure

For information about the specifics of your knee replacement procedure, please contact your surgeon’s office.

For general information about Conformis or the warranty, please call:

(844) Knee-4-Me – (844) 563-3463

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